Extraordinary Learning Experience

Gratia Christian College’s Exceptional Learning Experience develops students holistically, supporting the knowledge, skills and values they need to succeed in their careers and make a positive impact in their communities.

One of the characteristics is the emphasis on small-class teaching. When students learn in small class sizes, teachers can better focus on each student’s progress and learning needs. Teachers can adjust teaching methods more specifically to meet the needs of different students. In addition, small class sizes also contribute to a closer teacher-student relationship, and students can communicate and interact with teachers more easily to better understand course content. It also promotes a sense of social interaction among students.

The college offers a wide range of academic programs, including social work, education and psychology, business school and Christian ministry. It offers a total of eleven post-secondary programs, including four honorary degree programs and five advanced diploma programs. , a Professional Diploma and a Foundation Diploma. The Faculty’s programs are designed to develop students’ professional knowledge and skills and help them develop the competencies they need for their careers.

In addition, the college’s curriculum also focuses on cultivating students’ innovative ability and problem-solving abilities, so that students can meet the challenges of the future. The Faculty also offers a variety of practical and internship opportunities, allowing students to apply the knowledge and skills acquired in real-world settings, preparing them for their future careers.

Service Learning

The college actively encourages students to participate in various community service projects, such as volunteer service, community care, environmental protection activities, etc. By participating in these activities, students help others, learn how to collaborate with others, and develop leadership skills.

Internship Program

The Faculty cooperates with different institutions and companies to provide students with internship opportunities related to their field of study. By participating in the internship program, students can learn in a real working environment, understand industry trends and practical issues, and develop career skills.

Research Project

The Faculty supports students to participate in various research projects, such as scientific research, social investigation, cultural studies, etc. These research projects help students develop independent thinking and problem-solving skills, while also enhancing their academic abilities.

Exchange and Outgoing Programmes

The college provides students with a variety of overseas exchange and study opportunities. These programs can help students understand different cultures and values, enhance their language skills and cross-cultural communication skills, and at the same time broaden their horizons and thinking.

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