Fee Payment

Tuition Fee Payment Schedule (Except PDPFM)Semester 1Semester 2
Issue DateLate JulyLate December
Hold Quota1st Day of the semester
Payment Methods
1. By Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) through JETCO
2. Bill Payment : Merchant code 9432
3. Pay via FPS ID: 162568141
4. Pay by cheque in person at Finance Office at Room 301

Keep the bank-in-slip and email to (studentfee@gratia.edu.hk). If receipt is needed, please specify in your email.

Collection of Student Identity Card

If you uploaded your photo when you registered in step 2, your student ID card should be ready for you to collect immediately after the student orientation. If you have not uploaded a recent photo, please contact ITSO on 5804 4148 as soon as possible. You must collect your student ID in person at the Office of Academic Affairs.

A student card enables you to perform the following functions:

  • Collect your printouts
  • Access to Library, IT Common and PsyLab
  • Borrow books from the library
  • Student Identity

Notice – Student Identity Record

1. Upon enrolment, a student identity card will be issued to him/her. The card is a student’s personal identification document at the College and he/she should carry his/her student identity card at all times while in the College premises.

2. The student identity card is the property of GCC and is not transferable. A student is advised to take good care of his/her student identity card. It should not be used by anybody else. Misuse or falsification of the card constitutes a major offence, and any student who commits this offence will be subject to disciplinary action.

3. In case a student’s identity card is lost or damaged, he/she should submit an application for a replacement.