Graduation Requirement

  1. All students must have fulfilled the graduation requirements stipulated by the College in order to be eligible for an award.
  2. Students should refer to the curricular structure of respective programmes for details of the graduation requirements.

Graduation Ceremony and Certificate Collection Arrangements

Upon successful completion of their studies at GCC, students will receive a diploma at the Faculty Graduation Ceremony held for this purpose.

1 . Students will receive email notifications of invitations to anticipated graduation ceremonies

2. Confirm graduation intention to the Registry before the deadline.

3. Diplomas will normally be available for collection after the ceremony. Students need to receive their graduation certificates according to the specified time.

The following documents MUST BE PRESENTED when collecting award certificate:

  1. Graduate’s Student ID Card or HKID Card.
  2. If a person is authorized to collect the award certificate on the graduate’s behalf, the authorized person MUST produce:
  • Graduate’s Student ID Card or HKID Card copy (digital copy will not be accepted) ;
  • The original copy of “Authorization Letter” signed by graduate; and
  • Proof of identify of the authorized person (for verification only)

Graduating students must pay all tuition and other fees, library fines, etc., and have returned all borrowed IT office or library items. Otherwise, the college will not issue any academic proof documents (including graduation certificates) to graduate students.

Lost Graduation Certificate

A replacement graduation certificate can be issued only for the following reasons:

  • Original certificate lost/ stolen/ destroyed (Please provide original police report, notarized statement or declaration administered by a Commissioner for Oaths. Name, HKID number and Name of Graduation Title must be include on the above document.)
  • Original certificate damaged (Please attached original certificate.)
  • Original certificate/ replacement certificate not collected within the prescribed period. (Verification by duty staff)
  • Name change {Please attach the original graduation certificate, a completed Form “Change of Personal Particulars” and supporting documents such as Deed on Change of Name, HKID Card or Passport. Applicant is also required to approach Registry for name amendment in advance. For details, please contact Registry at 5804-4143 or email

Please fill in this Application for Replacement of Graduation Certificate form.