Academic Records

Appeal of Assessment Result

Students who wish to object to a decision made by the Academic Board of Gratia Christian College concerning assessment results can lodge an appeal by completing a form and submit it to the Registry within 10 working days upon the release of assessment results. Application must be accompanied with cogent reasons, and, where appropriate, evidence to justify the appeal.

Students should note that appeal shall not necessarily result in an upgrade of assessment. If the appeal results in an upward change of grade, the HK$800 appeal fee will be refunded to students.

Transcript Certified Copy

Transcript of Studies – Students may apply for a transcript of studies which contains a complete record of courses of their studies at GCC. Students will receive one free copy of their transcript at the time of graduation. For existing students or for graduates who request additional copies, an administrative fee of HK$50 will be charged for each copy. Postage of HK$10 will be charged if the transcript is requested to be sent by mail.

Certification of True Copy – If a student wishes the College to provide certification on copies of his/her award parchment or record of achievement, he/she can bring along the original documents together with a completed form to the Registry for processing. An administrative fee of HK$10 will be charged.

Enrollment / Registration

Programme Transfer

Students who wish to apply for programme transfer should meet the stipulated requirements and consult the Programme Directors of the programmes concerned for advice and approval in advance.

Students should note that different programmes may have different application requirements. They should check carefully before their application.

A successful transfer of programme does not imply students can study a higher year of new programme than the original one. Decision will be made by the relevant Programme Director on a case-by-case basis.

Withdrawal of Study

Students intending to leave GCC prior to graduation must apply for official withdrawal.

To withdraw, students must complete the appropriate clearance procedures. Students must settle all procedures before an official withdrawal status is given by the Registry.

Deferment of Study

Students may be permitted to defer their studies because of health issues, financial difficulties or other valid reasons.

In counting the maximum period of registration, deferment due to ill health will be given special consideration.

Upon expiration of the deferment period, students will be advised by the Registry to confirm the resumption of study, to settle tuition fee and complete the registration procedures. If students fail to report to the Registrar according to the schedule, they will be classified as having unofficially withdrawn from the programme.

Student Services

Change of Personal Data

It is necessary for students to notify the Registry as soon as there are changes in their personal particulars. Otherwise, the student record will not be updated and correspondence may be misdirected.

Replacement of Student Identity Card

An administrative fee of HK$100 will be charged.

It will take about 7 working days to make a new card. You will be notified as soon as the card is ready for collection.

Course Add / Drop

Students are allowed to change their elective courses during the add/drop period (normally the first two weeks of each semester of studies). Announcement of details will be made by the Registry before the add/drop period. Students should complete and return the application form to the Registry for approval before the deadline.

For adding of courses, decision of approval is subject to the feasibility of fitting the additional course into the student’s timetable and the availability of places for the course. For fulltime students, it is subject to the condition that the number of courses taken by a student in a semester should not fall below four. Discretion may be exercised for special cases.

Course Exemption and Credit Transfer

Students who have undertaken previous study outside GCC which is relevant to his/her current programme may apply for credit transfer/course exemption if they wish to have these studies recognised for the current programme. Supporting documents such as official transcript and detailed course outline should be provided for consideration.

Final approval of all applications will be subject to the approval of the respective Programme Committee. Students should note that all exempted courses do not count towards their GPA and have no bearing on the classification of awards.

Non-means-tested Subsidy Scheme (NMTSS)

In 2023/24 academic year, students who apply for the subsidy under the NMTSS for the first time, please submit the completed application form to the Registry Office in person by 30 September. Late submission will not be processed.

For the details of the NMTSS scheme, please browse the following official website:

Leave of Absence

Attendance and Leave of Absence

  1. Students will be deemed as absent in the following circumstances:
    • unapproved absence;
    • failing to attend the scheduled class within the first 30 minutes.
  2. A student who has been absent are required to submit leave application to Registry within 3 working days. Late application will not be accepted.
  3. A student who has been absent from class/ required activities for any period shall be responsible for applying to the teaching staff concerned for permission to make up for any required work missed.
  4. In case of illness necessitating absence exceeding one week, a student shall notify, in writing, the concerned teaching staff and Programme Director. A leave of absence application must be submitted using the written consent. Such an application shall be accompanied by a certificate signed or countersigned by a registered doctor.
  5. A student who wishes to apply for a leave of absence exceeding one week for non-medical reasons shall obtain consent, in writing, from the concerned teaching staff and Programme Director. A leave of absence application must be submitted using the written consent. Such an application shall state the reasons for which leave of absence is sought.