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[IMPORTANT] All Classes on 17 July 2023 are to be cancelled

[IMPORTANT] All Classes on 17 July 2023 are to be cancelled

Dear Students and Lecturers,

The previous message regarding the similar matter was issued based of the following considerations:

  1. Typhoon No. 8 signal will be lowered 20 minutes after 4:00pm
  2. It is extremely difficult to reschedule class due to the tight schedule of Semester 3 classes.
  3. Some classes’ schedule is very restrictive that rescheduling may not be possible.

The decision to continue class schedule this evening was under fired since the Adverse Weather Arrangement regulation states that all classes should be cancelled if Typhoon No. 8 signal remain hoisted after 4:00pm. Well, the Hong Kong Observatory did state that the signal will be changed to No. 3 at 4:20pm today. It has not been changed yet. But, it avoid adverse travelling, it is better for us to make a decision before that.

Rules are rules. They are not made to be broken without strong and agreeable-by-all reason. 

Since it is not possible to please everyone, please be advised that ALL CLASSES ON 17 JULY 2023 ARE TO BE CANCELLED.

Please consult the lecturer in charge for class reschedule information.

My sincere apology for any confusion caused.


Dr Terry NG